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Motor vehicle accidents
My client was driving when her vehicle was struck by a commercial vehicle in a severe rear-end collision. She was immediately taken to the emergency room. Later, she was found to have suffered a herniated disc, among other injuries. We ultimately settled with the insurance company for $300,000.
Workers compensation
My client injured his back at work due to the negligence of a third party company. I was able to successfully represent my client in his workers’ compensation claim and in a suit against the third party company for a combined settlement of $240,000.
Serious Accidents
I represented a 30 year old male who was a passenger in a vehicle that was struck in the rear and pushed into a nearby ditch. As a result of the accident, my client sustained a fractured tibia. I was able to secure the at-fault driver’s policy limits of $100,000 and the UM policy limits of $50,000 for a total settlement of $150,000 for my client. Luckily, my client did not have to undergo surgery as a result of this injury.
Slip and Fall Accident
A quick trip to the store took a distressing turn for our client as she unexpectedly slipped and fell in a large retail store while shopping. The cause? A slippery food item on the floor that was overlooked by store employees, highlighting a failure in their duty to maintain a safe environment. Despite legal challenges and uncooperative store employees, our legal team successfully secured a favorable settlement for for our client. Our client’s story underscores the significance of holding establishments accountable for maintaining safe environments.
Wrongful Death/Policy Limits
I represented the family whose loved one was was struck by a drunk driver while traveling along the highway.
Motor vehicle accidents
Our client was injured in East Texas when her vehicle was struck by an intoxicated driver. Our client suffered bulging and herniated disc that compressed upon her spinal cord. The Desiah Law Firm fought vigorously for our client to obtain her a settlement for policy limits in the amount of $100,000.
Motor vehicle accidents
I represented a client whose vehicle was struck in the rear by a F-250 and the collision severely damaged her new vehicle. After months of physical therapy and an injection to help stabilize her symptoms, I was able to resolve her case for $75,000.
Motor vehicle accidents
My client was exiting the interstate in Shreveport, LA when her vehicle was struck in the rear by a local police officer. My client underwent five months of chiropractic care. A MRI revealed she suffered a bulging disc as a result of the accident. Our client was seen by a pain specialist once. I was able to settle this matter for $70,000 for my client.
Motor vehicle accidents
Our client’s vehicle was struck in the rear while she was in traffic in New Orleans, LA. She experienced immediate pain in her lower back and lower extremities following the accident. As a result, she underwent months of chiropractic care and pain management. The treatment was very effective and helped reduce her pain levels to zero. Our firm was able to resolve her case for $70,000 while keeping her medical bills low.
Motor vehicle accidents
In the blink of an eye, life can take an unexpected turn. For our client, a simple drive turned into a challenging journey when her small vehicle was struck in the rear by a truck. This incident not only left her with physical injuries but also disrupted the activities she cherished, such as dancing and yoga classes. Through a combination of physical therapy and pain management, our client found relief and was able to reach maximum medical improvement. Despite the challenges, our legal team worked diligently to ensure a successful resolution for our client.
Motor vehicle accidents
A routine drive through St. Landry Parish turned into a frightening experience for our client when another driver, fatigue and asleep at the wheel, veered across the center line, colliding with our client’s vehicle. In the face of this terrifying accident our legal team worked tirelessly to ensure our client received proper compensation for the losses incurred.
Motor vehicle accidents
Our client was injured in a rear-end collision in Dallas County, TX. The Insurance Company initially denied his case based on the version of the accident given to them by their insured. However, after a thorough investigation by my firm, the Insurance Company reversed their decision and paid our client their policy limits to resolve his case.

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“I am very grateful to have had Travis represent me. He did an amazing job. He was actually referred to me by a very trustworthy person I know. After my personal experience with him, I now know why and I would recommend Travis Desiah as an Awesome attorney who has his client’s best interest at heart!!! Thank you Travis!!”

– Treasure Harris

“Travis Desiah and the Desiah Law Firm come highly recommended by me. From the very beginning of my accident case, Travis showed exceptional dedication and professionalism. He provided regular updates with clarity, ensuring I understood every step of the process.

Travis went above and beyond, standing up for me against lower settlement offers, ultimately securing the compensation I deserved. His expertise and commitment were invaluable in achieving a favorable outcome.

If you’re in need of an exceptional injury attorney, look no further than Travis Desiah and the Desiah Law Firm. They have my highest recommendation.”

– Ethan Madison

“I would recommend his services to anyone! He was very quick to investigate the case and move quickly to solve the case. He never moved forward without explaining what was going on and what the next steps would be! Thanks to you and your office for your hard work! We appreciate you!”

– Teondra Dawson

“It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Desiah’s Law firm, he kept me well informed every step of the way, I would give his service a ten star rating because five does not give it any justice :-)”

– Bobby Husale

“My experience with the Desiah Law firm was smooth & stress free, Travis educated me on the process. He was attentive he retuned my calls promptly and left no questions unanswered.”

– LaTonya

“Mr. Travis was the best. He did everything in a professional and timely manner. He kept me updated every step of the way and would always return my calls. He made sure I got what I deserved. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone.”

– Makiah Ashley

“Travis is very professional and knowledgeable. Working with him made a stressful situation a lot easier. The process was smooth and communication good throughout the case. I’m glad I was recommended to him as I had no idea what treatment, compensation, etc. I was entitled to. The outcome exceeded my expectations.”

– Destinee Davis

“Travis was very thorough with every step of my process experience. He was professional & courteous at all times. I would recommend him to all my family & friends. Thanks so much.”

– Murtharee Lawrence