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These are common questions that I hear from clients. However, after I finish a client’s case, they are happy that they allowed me to handle everything for them. Below are a few reasons why it is good to allow an attorney to handle your case?

  1. I have years of experience dealing with insurance companies and I know how much your case is worth. The insurance company may try to take advantage of you by undervaluing your case, especially when you do not know how much your case is truly worth. 
  2. Even if you know how much your case is worth, the insurance companies may still try to undervalue your case because they believe that you, as an individual, will not sue them. They believe that you are not familiar with the litigation process. That being the case, they believe they will not face repercussions for dealing with you in bad faith. On the other hand, I have substantial trial experience. The insurance companies know that if they offer to settle your case below value, I will take them to Court. 
  3. In addition to the above reasons, our firm will pay all the upfront costs for your case and will not collect a fee unless we receive a settlement on your behalf. We will gather your medical bills and records, help you with your treatment, and evaluate the value of your case. Our firm makes life easier for you after you’ve been involved in an accident. Don’t try to handle your case alone! Allow an experienced attorney to do all the work for you. Give our firm a call today.