Upset passenger in car

Under Louisiana law, a person can be held liable for their actions that caused injury or damages to another. Hence, if a guest passenger is injured due to the fault of their driver, a guest passenger may file a claim against the driver. Ultimately, the driver’s insurance company will be liable for any injuries and damages suffered by a guest passenger. It is important to know that if the driver was the sole cause of the accident, a guest passenger can only recover under the driver’s liability coverage. That is, the guest passenger cannot recover under both liability and underinsured motorist coverages of the driver’s insurance policy. However, if the guest passenger is injured due to the negligence of their driver and another motorist, the guest passenger may file a claim under the host driver’s underinsured motorist coverage for the negligence of the other underinsured motorist. The Desiah Law Firm has experience representing guest passengers involved in accidents. For a free consultation, give our office a call today.