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Travis Desiah

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For almost a decade, Travis Desiah has adeptly navigated diverse personal injury cases across State and Federal Courts, representing a multitude of clients in significant and complex claims. His extensive portfolio includes advocating for individuals involved in car accidents, 18-wheeler truck accidents, other commercial truck collisions, motorcycle accidents, hit-and-run cases, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, worker’s compensation disputes, and traumatic brain injury cases. His sharp intellect, keen perception, astute negotiation prowess, and seasoned trial experience have resulted in securing multimillion-dollar settlements for his clientele.

Travis Desiah holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Northwestern State University. After graduation, he pursued his legal education at Mississippi College School of Law, graduating with honors (cum laude) and earning the distinguished role of Executive Trial Competition Chair of the Moot Court Board. While in law school, Travis was awarded the Dean’s Award for his high academic achievements. He also received multiple American Jurisprudence Awards for earning the highest grade in numerous law school courses.

Portrait Of Travis Desiah

What We offer

Workers Compensation Lawyer

As a workers’ compensation lawyer, Travis Desiah specializes in navigating the intricate legal framework surrounding workplace injuries and chronic illnesses. He is an advocate for individuals who have been injured or become ill due to work-related incidents, ensuring they receive fair treatment, proper medical care, and rightful compensation. He possesses comprehensive knowledge of Louisiana workers’ compensation laws, meaning he can guide injured clients through the complexities of the claims process.

When you reach out to The Desiah Law Firm, he will evaluate the circumstances of your injury or illness. He will help you understand your rights under state law, determine the eligibility of your case for workers’ compensation benefits, and explain the steps necessary to initiate a claim. 

Throughout the claims process, he will act as your advocate. Mr. Desiah negotiates with insurance companies, employers, or their legal representatives to secure fair compensation, covering medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and potentially other damages resulting from the injury or illness.

In cases where disputes arise or if a claim is denied, he represents you in hearings or court proceedings. Mr. Desiah is experienced in presenting compelling arguments, backed by evidence, to defend your rights and interests, aiming to secure a favorable outcome. His dedication ensures that injured workers receive the support they need to recover and move forward while safeguarding their legal rights in the pursuit of fair and just compensation.

What We Offer

Personal Injury and Accident Lawyer

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Travis Desiah also specializes in representing individuals who have suffered physical or psychological harm due to the negligence or wrongful conduct of others. He is an advocate for injury victims who must seek compensation. He is experienced in handling various personal injury cases, such as car accidents, slip-and-fall incidents, burns, and dog bites.

As a personal injury lawyer, Mr. Desiah will work tirelessly to negotiate settlements with insurance companies or legal representatives on your behalf. His main goal is to secure fair compensation that covers medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages resulting from your injury.

Should negotiations fail or if a fair settlement isn’t reached, Travis Desiah is prepared to take the case to court. He represents his clients in trial proceedings, presenting compelling arguments, evidence, and expert testimonies to support their claims and seek favorable verdicts or judgments.

For ten years, Travis Desiah has demonstrated skill, expertise, and a deep understanding in his areas of expertise, allowing him to navigate legal complexities and make sound arguments with clarity and precision. Committed to both professional excellence and personal life, Travis has been married to Dr. Shay Desiah, M.D., his high school sweetheart, for 14 years, and together, they are proud parents of two children. When not diligently advocating for his clients, Travis indulges in his passions for videography and savoring the culinary delights offered by the restaurants in New Orleans.

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Success Stories

Notable Case Results

Settlement Awarded


Case Summary

An injury victim who was struck from behind by a commercial vehicle turned to Travis Desiah for legal representation. Mr. Desiah argued on her behalf and she was awarded $300,000 to help her heal from a herniated disc, among other injuries.

Settlement Awarded


Case Summary

Mr. Desiah represented a client who was injured at work due to negligence. This client pursued a workers’ compensation claim with The Desiah Law Firm and was awarded a combined settlement of $240,000.

Settlement Awarded


Case Summary

An injury victim who was the passenger in a vehicle struck and pushed into a ditch was facing serious medical issues and high bills. He turned to Travis Desiah for representation and was awarded a combined settlement of $150,000 for his injuries, the highest settlement allowed by the at-fault driver’s car insurance policy.

Settlement Awarded


Case Summary

After the devastating loss of a loved one to a drunk driver, a family turned to Travis Desiah for financial compensation. Mr. Desiah secured them $100,000 to cover funeral expenses, future living costs, and more.

Settlement Awarded


Case Summary

Travis Desiah represented a client who was struck by a large truck from behind. Not only was the client’s vehicle severely damaged, but she also faced months of physical therapy and mounting medical bills. Mr. Desiah was able to resolve her case for an award of $75,000.

The above noted cases are an illustration of the type of results the Desiah Law Firm obtains for its clients after diligent investigation and effective representation. If you are in need of a law firm who will seek to obtain the best outcome for your case, give us a call for a free consultation.

Client Testimonials

Real Clients, Real Success Stories

“I am very grateful to have had Travis represent me. He did an amazing job. He was actually referred to me by a very trustworthy person I know. After my personal experience with him, I now know why and I would recommend Travis Desiah as an Awesome attorney who has his client’s best interest at heart!!! Thank you Travis!!”

– Treasure Harris

“Travis Desiah and the Desiah Law Firm come highly recommended by me. From the very beginning of my accident case, Travis showed exceptional dedication and professionalism. He provided regular updates with clarity, ensuring I understood every step of the process.

Travis went above and beyond, standing up for me against lower settlement offers, ultimately securing the compensation I deserved. His expertise and commitment were invaluable in achieving a favorable outcome.

If you’re in need of an exceptional injury attorney, look no further than Travis Desiah and the Desiah Law Firm. They have my highest recommendation.”

– Ethan Madison

“I would recommend his services to anyone! He was very quick to investigate the case and move quickly to solve the case. He never moved forward without explaining what was going on and what the next steps would be! Thanks to you and your office for your hard work! We appreciate you!”

– Teondra Dawson

“It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Desiah’s Law firm, he kept me well informed every step of the way, I would give his service a ten star rating because five does not give it any justice :-)”

– Bobby Husale

“My experience with the Desiah Law firm was smooth & stress free, Travis educated me on the process. He was attentive he retuned my calls promptly and left no questions unanswered.”

– LaTonya

“Mr. Travis was the best. He did everything in a professional and timely manner. He kept me updated every step of the way and would always return my calls. He made sure I got what I deserved. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone.”

– Makiah Ashley

“Travis is very professional and knowledgeable. Working with him made a stressful situation a lot easier. The process was smooth and communication good throughout the case. I’m glad I was recommended to him as I had no idea what treatment, compensation, etc. I was entitled to. The outcome exceeded my expectations.”

– Destinee Davis

“Travis was very thorough with every step of my process experience. He was professional & courteous at all times. I would recommend him to all my family & friends. Thanks so much.”

– Murtharee Lawrence